Given the need for quality education and research Afro-Asian Institute has enclosed its programs to integrate a strong research and study center while corroborating the consistency with global dynamics.

Prof. Dr. Syed Amir Gilani

Chairman, Afro-Asian Institute

Afro-Asian Institute has a team of highly competent, qualified and professional faculty members of Pakistan with a sole objective of translating theoretical knowledge into practical knowledge. We believe that we can achieve this by bringing together the academicians and the practicing professionals with experience and technical know-how. Welcome knowledge seekers and professionals to experience the learning environment at Afro-Asian Institute. I am sure that you will find our programs valuable for all your future endeavors. We offer the perfect environment of education with teachers that are keen to teach with an impact on the students they teach. Our quality shall make us a market leader and ensure that we are seen as one of the top institutions in Pakistan.

I Look forward to welcome you at Afro-Asian Institute.

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Harriet Erickson

Vice President, Student Affairs

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Wesley Clarke

Senior Advisor to the President

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Betty Bowman

Acting Vice President for Finance

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Johnny Jones

Dean, Diversity and Compliance

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Dennis Ruiz

Acting Vice President of Administration

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Vernon Lowe

Assistant Vice President for Communications