Generic BS Nursing

Generic bs nursing is committed to the development of value-based client relationships focused on increasing patient satisfaction, improving clinical outcomes and managing cost through cross-functional partnerships.


The Bachelor of Science in Nursing is 4-years programme and aims to train graduates to provide safe, competent and compassionate nursing care grounded in theory and professional standards. The curriculum is based on the concepts of relational practice, leadership, critical nursing inquiry and ethics of care. Courses are taught in the College’s Health Sciences Centre, a specialized learning facility equipped with high-tech labs and computerized human patient simulators.

Career Opportunities

Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing is a well-known degree program. It provides you with a wide range of opportunities that can uplift your career. You can get the desired job in a reputable hospital by having a nursing degree. It will enhance your credibility and offer you competent roles for your professional growth.

In fact, BS Nursing is an international degree in nursing education; therefore, the demand for graduate nurses is very high abroad. Many graduate nurses from Pakistan go to foreign countries and find the best jobs with attractive salaries that are big proof of the high demand for graduate nurses at international levels.

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Synthesize knowledge from liberal education with professional nursing
  2. Apply leadership concepts, skills, and decision making in the provision of high-quality nursing care, healthcare team coordination, and the oversight and accountability for care delivery in a variety of settings.
  3. Integrate evidence, clinical judgment, interprofessional perspectives, and patient preferences in planning, implementing, and evaluating outcomes of care.
  4. Demonstrate skills in using patient care technologies, information systems, and communication devices that support safe, effective nursing practice.
  5. Explore the impact of sociocultural, economic, legal, and political factors influencing patient care quality, workplace safety, and the scope of nursing and other health professionals’ practice.
  6. Incorporate effective communication skills to contribute the nursing perspective to interprofessional teams to optimize patient outcomes.
  7. Collaborate with members of the interprofessional team to develop an assessment and intervention plan that takes into account determinants of health and available resources that contribute clinical prevention and population health.
  8. Assume accountability for personal and professional behaviors that demonstrate the nursing standards of moral, ethical, and legal conduct.
  9. Implement holistic, evidenced-based, safe patient-centered care across the health illness continuum, across the lifespan, and in all healthcare settings.


Semester 1
Sr # Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
1 BBA-401 Introduction to information Technology 3(3–0)
2 BBA-402 Introduction to Psychology 3(3–0)
3 BBA -403 Freshman English 3(3–0)
4 BBA-404 Pakistan Studies & Islamic Studies(Each Course has 2 Credit hours ) 4(4-0)
5 BBA-405 Fundamentals of Accounting 3(3–0)
Total 16
Semester 2
Sr # Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
1 BBA-406 Business Mathematics 3(3–0)
2 BBA-407 Financial Accounting 3(3–0)
3 BBA-408 Logic 3(3–0)
4 BBA-409 Micro Economics 3(3–0)
5 BBA-410 Technical Writing & Professional Speech Communication 3(3–0)
Total 15
Semester 3
Sr # Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
1 BBA-411  Oral Communication-I 3(3–0)
2 BBA-412  Statistics 3(3–0)
3 BBA-413  Introduction to Sociology 3(3–0)
4 BBA-414  Cost Accounting 3(3–0)
5 BBA-415  Macro Economics 3(3–0)
Total 15
Semester 4
Sr # Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
1 BBA-403 Business Communication 3(3–0)
2 BBA-417  Statistical Inferences 3(3–0)
3 BBA-418  Fundamentals of Marketing 3(3–0)
4 BBA-419  Business Finance 3(3–0)
5 BBA-420  Principles of Management 3(3–0)
Total 15
Semester 5
Sr # Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
1 BBA-421  Financial Management 3(3–0)
2 BBA-422  Marketing Management 3(3–0)
3 BBA-423  Business Research Methods 3(3–0)
4 BBA-424  Calculus 3(3–0)
5 BBA-425  Pakistan Economy 3(3–0)
6 SOC-307 Introduction to Sociology 3(3-0)
Total 18
Semester 6
Sr # Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
1 BBA-426  Money and Banking 3(3–0)
2 BBA-427  Consumer Behavior 3(3–0)
3 BBA-428  Human Resource Management 3(3–0)
4 BBA-429  Business Ethics 3(3–0)
5 BBA-430  Business Law 3(3–0)
6 BBA-435 Total Quality Management 3(3-0)
Total 18
Semester 7
Sr # Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
1 BBA-431  Organizational Behavior 3(3–0)
2 BBA-432  Operations/Production Management 3(3–0)
3 BBA-433  Global/International Business 3(3–0)
4 EBG-601 English for Employment 3(3–0)
5 Elective-I 3(3–0)
6 Elective-II 3(3–0)
7 Elective-III 3(3–0)
Total 21
Semester 8
Sr # Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
1 BBA-434 Entrepreneurship 3(3–0)
2 BBA-416 Management Information System 3(3–0)
3 BBA-436 Research Project 3(3–0)
4 Elective-I 3(3–0)
5 Elective-II 3(3–0)
6 Elective-III 3(3–0)
Total 18
Specialization in HRM
Sr # Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
1 BBA-437 HR Development 3(3–0)
2 BBA-438 Labor Laws in Pak 3(3–0)
3 BBA-439 Cases and exercise in personnel/HRM 3(3–0)
4 BBA-440 Performance Management 3(3–0)
5 BBA-441 Organizational Development 3(3–0)
6 BBA-442 Industrial Relations 3(3–0)
7 BBA-443 Essential of Training & Development 3(3–0)
8 BBA-444 International HRM 3(3–0)
Specialization in Finance
Sr # Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
1 BBA-446 Risk Management 3(3–0)
2 BBA-447 Corporate Finance 3(3–0)
3 BBA-448 Credit Management 3(3–0)
4 BBA-449 Auditing 3(3–0)
5 BBA-450 International Financial Management 3(3–0)
6 BBA-451 Investment & Portfolio Management 3(3–0)
7 BBA-452 Financial Statement Analysis 3(3–0)
8 BBA-453 Taxation Management 3(3–0)
9 BBA-454 Islamic Financial System 3(3–0)
10 BBA-455 Seminar in Finance 3(3–0)
Specialization in Marketing
Sr # Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
1 BBA-457 Sales Management 3(3–0)
2 BBA-458 International Marketing 3(3–0)
3 BBA-459 Brand Management 3(3–0)
4 BBA-460 Advertising Management 3(3–0)
5 BBA-461 Marketing Research 3(3–0)
6 BBA-462 Retail Marketing 3(3–0)
7 BBA-463 Services Marketing 3(3–0)
8 BBA-464 Tourism Marketing 3(3–0)
9 BBA-465 Cyber Marketing 3(3–0)
10 BBA-466 Export Marketing 3(3–0)
11 BBA-467 Agriculture Marketing 3(3–0)
12 BBA-468 Seminar in Marketing 3(3–0)
Total Credit Hours 136

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