Medical Laboratory Technician Diploma

Affiliated with Punjab Medical Faculty


Diploma in Medical Lab Technology is concerned with Lab Tests for example Blood, Gastric Fluid, Kidney Function, Liver Function Test, Lumbar Puncture, Malabsorption Test, Pap Smear, Pregnancy Test, Thyroid Function Test, Sugar etc. and interpreting results. These tests help Physicians to diagnose the medical problems and how to treat them effectively. Nowadays, almost all physician rely on these lab tests for better solutions. There are a lot of job opportunities for Lab Technicians in Pakistan as well as abroad. Lab Technicians are required in large numbers in Government and private hospitals, nursing homes, diagnostic centers and super specialty hospitals. Self-employment opportunities are also available in this field.

Afro-Asian Institute offers highly sophisticated equipment, experienced and talented educators, state-of-the-art laboratories to ensure comprehensive teaching with safe environment. For better clinical practices, we have MOU with Govt. Mian Munshi DHQ Teaching Hospital, Lahore, Govt. Mozang Teaching Hospital, Lahore.

Career Opportunities

Medical laboratory technicians usually work under the supervision of medical laboratory technologists, pathologists or laboratory managers. Both technicians and technologists perform tests and procedures that physicians or other healthcare personnel order. However, technologists perform more complex tests and laboratory procedures than technicians do. For example, technologists may prepare specimens and operate automated analyzers or perform manual tests that are based on detailed instructions.

Program Learning Outcomes

The main objectives of the MLT diploma are

  • Prepare a cadre of Medical Lab Technologists who can effectively assist senior health professionals in the delivery of quality health services.
  • Prepare skilled technologists human resources for all levels of the healthcare delivery system from primary to tertiary care level.
  • Skill recommended human resources.
  • Introduce and impart standard technical education with new modern techniques, within the fields of medical technologies, by replacing the conventional methods of pre-service training (certificate level).
  • Provide Lab technologists with status and human resource recognition in the healthcare delivery system by improving their capacity along with increasing awareness of their responsibilities and job description.
  • Equip the Lab technologists with modern skills and knowledge to bring them at par with other national and international standards


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