Music Society

Get a taste of life at Afro-Asian Institute

Being the centre of music-making on campus, the Music Society is one of the largest and strongest societies at the Afro-Asian Institute, with around 25 to 30 active members and many more to join soon and events to happen every month (or a couple of months). Our members include a patron, four core members (organizers), singers, rappers, dancers, and painters. We take pride in organizing concerts, music talks, society balls, and socials.

Following members are leading the society.

  1. Dr. Saira Aslam (Society patron)
  2. Syed Sarum Kazmi (BSCS-21) (President)
  3. Abdul Wadood Kayani (BSCS-21) (General Secretary)
  4. Syeda Payam Batool (BSCS-21) (Finance Head)
  5. Iqra Shakeel (MLT-21) (Media expert)