Given the need for quality education and research Afro-Asian institute has enclosed its programs to integrate a strong research and study center while corroborating the consistency with global dynamics.

Dr. Muhammad Irfan Bashir

PhD Pharmacology (Malaysia)

Principal, Afro-Asian Institute

I am delighted to welcome you to Afro-Asian Institute (AAI).

Our objective is to teach our students the key skills in professional development. Learning of skills enables them to earn employment in national and international level. Education imparted focuses on practical and professional development. Our graduates have critical thinking skills and the ability to analyze becoming useful member of society.

ALHAMDULILAH, Afro-Asian Institute (AAI) is a leading college imparting quality education to various segments of society. Here we aim to encourage a never ending quest for knowledge among our students. I believe that our teachers, students and Support staff are among the very best.

We are justifiably proud of our academics performance but at AAI, education means much more than the pursuit of top grades. Afro-Asian institute is a unique and exciting educational community.

I look forward to welcoming you here.

Afro-Asian Institute Principal Irfan Bashir
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Harriet Erickson

Vice President, Student Affairs

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Wesley Clarke

Senior Advisor to the President

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Betty Bowman

Acting Vice President for Finance

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Johnny Jones

Dean, Diversity and Compliance

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Dennis Ruiz

Acting Vice President of Administration

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Vernon Lowe

Assistant Vice President for Communications