Cyber Security Awareness Seminar

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Cybersecurity is a critical issue, given the potential threats to our country and the people. Cyberwarfare is real and it poses a gravely important threat to national security and law enforcement agencies, Afro-Asian Institute organized the seminar, on the topic of Cyber security awareness and Career development. Where speaker Ahmad Fiaz Khan discussed how to protect our institute from cyber threats and how we can use technology as a tool for learning and outreach. He also excites the students about their career development and future goals!

Annual Gala 2024

Have a sight of few glimpses of the student’s performances at the Annual Gala 2024, all the students actively participated and the audience cheered up

World Physical Therapy Day

Afro-Asian Institute Celebrated World Physical Therapy Day Under the Supervision of the Head of Department Physical Therapy by discovering the positive impact of movement and

Drug Prevention Awareness Seminar 2023

Afro-Asian Institute has Organized a seminar titled ‘Drug Prevention Awareness Seminar 2023′ to spread awareness amongst the students about drugs abuse, the harmful effects they