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The pharmacy profession is an essential and integral part of the National Health care System of a country. A pharmacist is the only person who is in a unique position of exercising complete drug expertise and its application.

Keeping in view the growing demand and job opportunities at the national and international level of pharmacy technician and the significance of this profession, AAI has decided to undertake this noble task of offering a Pharmacy Technician professional diploma which allows the diploma holders to open a Medical store. In this two-year diploma course, students are required to study and have training in the subjects of pharmaceutics, hospital pharmacy, dispensing anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, pharmacognosy, microbiology, and biochemistry.

It is also known to us that education in pharmacy has no meaning without the exposure of the students to the working conditions in the field. Practical training is an integral part of pharmacy education. For the purpose of training, the students will be regularly visiting/ working at retail pharmacies, hospitals, and pharmaceutical industries.

Career Opportunities

You may also win the job in government and private hospitals. Now herbal and homeopathic pharmaceuticals are also hiring B Category diploma holders due to new strict rules and regulations issued by health department. It’s an ideal course for DHMS and FTJ diploma holders too if they are interested in the pharmaceutical business. Medical store also hire the diploma of B Category holders. So opportunities are immense for you. It is specially a recommended program for those students who want to get a professional qualification after matriculation with science subjects.

Program Learning Outcomes

The main objective of the program is to produce and qualify pharmacy graduates who satisfy the following characteristics:

  • Handle chemicals effectively and safely with respect to relevant laws and legislations.
  • Capable of formulating and preparing pharmaceutical products.
  • Perform various qualitative and quantitative analytical techniques to assess the quality and quantity of raw materials and pharmaceutical products.
  • Utilize their thorough understanding of their fundamental knowledge to provide drug information and education services to the community and patients about the use of medications and medical devices.
  • Possess the core knowledge concerning the principles of pathophysiology of diseases and pharmacotherapy to be able to participate with other health care professionals in improving health care services using evidence-based data and manage uncommon or highly complex cases.
  • Plan, design and conduct research using appropriate methodologies.
  • Develop presentation, promotion, marketing, business administration, numeric and computation skills.
  • Demonstrate capability of communication skills, time management, critical thinking, problem-solving, decision-making and team-working.
  • Perform responsibilities in compliance with legal, ethical and professional rules.
  • Able to be a life-long learner for continuous improvement of professional knowledge and skills.
  • Manage the safe and efficient distribution of medications and participate in quality assurance and improvement programs to maintain the sustainability of good practice.
  • Demonstrate a professional attitude through practicing in an ethical manner and continuously maintaining his/her competence through lifelong learning.


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